Huddersfield Social Media

Huddersfield Social Media

Huddersfield Social Media are a group of local volunteers who are committed to using all forms of media technology to connect people so that they can get things done for themselves in their neighbourhoods.

We are particularly interested in showing voluntary and community groups how to use free web sites and services, so that we can all share our information more easily.


We’ve started the Huddersfield Social Media Surgeries to offer free advice about a range of social media tools, so that you can find out what best suits your needs.


What is social media?
The most important thing about social media is the ‘social’ part. It gives people lots of different ways to share what they know, say what they think or feel, and collaborate on projects or activities, using a wide range of online tools.


Social media provides new opportunities for us to create our own content, to communicate better with people who we share interests with, and to make contact with people who we wouldn’t otherwise meet.


Some examples of social media web sites and services are:


  • blogs (e.g. WordPress and other sites)
  • photo sharing (e.g. Flickr and other sites)
  • video sharing (e.g. YouTube and other sites)
  • social networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and other sites)

Social Media in Plain English (video by Commoncraft)


Who are the surgeries for?

  • voluntary organisations
  • community groups
  • clubs and societies
  • small arts organisations
  • charities


What happens at the surgeries?
At the surgery you’ll get chance to sit down and have a cup of tea with someone who understands about web sites and tell them about your group or organisation and what you do. You might have specific questions that you’d like to ask, or you might just like a general introduction to what’s available.


You can look at the kinds of web sites and services that you might find helpful, and see what similar groups are doing. If you want, you can set up a free web site or service there and then.


You don’t need any previous knowledge to take part, and there won’t be any lectures. We’ll talk to you one-to-one, listen to what you need and explain things clearly.