Tweets from ‘All sorts of technology and democracy’

Messages that we posted on Twitter during our ‘All sorts of technology and democracy’ discussion on 16th September 2010, as an image:

& as plain text:

We’re at The Media Centre talking about different democratic models and how technolgy is being used in Kirklees at the moment.

How does participation happen and why? Do people only engage when they need services? Do we focus too much on what people don’t have?

If we focus too much on deficiencies, we fail to value people’s skills and what they can contribute – we under-value things in abundance.

Why don’t we approach neighbourhoods by asking what people can offer – start with what they have and their passions.

Consultations that ask what people want maybe less effective than asking what people do.

Conversations are different from a Q and A. Social media involves listening, not leading.

“There is a problem in Kirklees – the name”. People don’t identify with the name, online or offline.

People need to identify with the place they live in order to engage with their community.

We’ve been tied up with service delivery thinking so long that it’s difficult to change.

What if we made the whole thing a game? Farmville with the winner affecting change in their neighbourhood?

Lot of support here for working with neighbourhoods. Engagement = local.

Are there enough people in neighbourhoods who want to take on the responsibility of power, rather than be happy for someone else to do it?
We need to look at the triple bottom line – economic, social and environmental value. Cash isn’t going to solve all our problems.

Can we use techonolgy to create an asset base?

Do we know where / how to listen?

“I hear Facebook mentioned on the bus every day.” But the bus is a social platform too – people are talking about all sorts on the bus.

I think we’re talking about connectedness again.

Is democracy about representation? Is it about choice? Is it about everything?

People taking responsibility for doing things in their own neighbourhoods is about more than joining a social networking site.

Are we due a revolution?

We need to put the Social before the Media – we have to build up community networks. Do we have the right tools for that?

There is a bird’s nest community way of communicating that outside organisations tend to screw up.

Are reciprocal systems managed as well offline?

“Local communities don’t exist.” I beg to differ…

We’re going to make a collection of places to listen, to hear what’s important to people.

We’re also going to look for the people who can tell emotional, engaging stories about the places where they live.

We have a plan.


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