All sorts of technology and democracy

Thursday 16th September

12.30pm to 1.30pm

at The Media Centre

We’re organising a lunchtime discussion about local democracy and social media. We’ll be talking about technology as a way for people to get involved in the decisions that affect their lives – a way to empower communities and increase democratic involvement. We hope you will be able to come along and take part. 

“All sorts of technology and democracy” is at The Media Centre in Huddersfield on Thursday 16th September from 12.30pm to 1.30pm. The event is free but places are limited – to reserve your place, please contact the Customer Service team at The Media Centre on 01484 483010 or email

We’ll start with a very brief introduction to three different ways of looking at democratic engagement that we think might be useful: conversational democracy, deliberative democracy and the Localopolis. This will just be a starting point and after that we’ll be stuck unless people help us out. If you have something to say (or something to ask) about technology and democracy, please come along to join the discussion.

Huddersfield is a good place to talk about this at the moment, with lots of relevant activities and projects happening here. Huddersfield has a popular independent social media surgery for community groups and arts organisations. Kirklees Council have led the way among local authorities in using social media (which has been recognised through The Young Foundation’s Local 2.0 research). Huddersfield-based artists and researchers have been experimenting with public participation, collaboration and digital technology for more than 10 years (The Media Centre’s Speaker’s Corner, installed in 2001, is one such example and the game “Spring Alpha” is another).

This event is being organised by The Media Centre and Huddersfield Social, a group of local volunteers who are committed to using all forms of media technology to connect people so that they can get things done for themselves in their neighbourhoods. Huddersfield Social founded and organise the independent social media surgeries in Huddersfield.

Part of The Media Centre’s “Knowledge Sandwich” series.


One response to “All sorts of technology and democracy

  1. Looking forward to the discussion

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