Social Media Surgery – 16th November 2009


free advice

Huddersfield Social Media Surgery
Monday 16th November, 4.30pm to 7pm

Venue: Huddersfield Media Centre cafe
Northumberland Street, Huddersfield
(Drop in any time for free advice)


Are you interested in using blogs, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and other free web sites (sometimes called “social media”) to help a group or organisation that you belong to?

Do you already have a web site for your organisation that is difficult or expensive to update? Are you looking for an easier way to promote your activities or to share information, photos and videos online?

Huddersfield Social Media Surgery is a free advice session for community and voluntary groups, clubs, societies and small arts organisations. Come along to find out how you can use free web sites and services to organise activities, promote events, raise funds, collect feedback from your participants and keep a record of everything you do.

At the surgery you’ll get chance to sit down and have a cup of tea with someone who understands about web sites and tell them about your group or organisation and what you do. This will be the starting point.

Then you’ll be able to look at the kinds of web sites and services that you might find helpful, and see what similar groups are doing. You can choose some services to try out, and even set up a web site there and then if you feel you need some help getting started.

There will be more events in 2010 when you can come back and tell people how you got on, and look for more ideas and advice. Support for beginners will be available between the events.

Huddersfield Social Media Surgery welcomes people with all levels of web and internet skills – from beginners to people with experience who are looking for new ideas or alternatives for their group or organisation.

You don’t have to be based in Huddersfield to come along, the session is open to anyone who thinks it will be useful.

The first Huddersfield Social Media Surgery will be in the cafe of Huddersfield Media Centre on Northumberland Street (across the road from the post office and down a bit) on Monday 16th November from 4.30pm to 7pm. You can drop in any time for free advice.

The Media Centre will also be laying on free tea, coffee and biscuits.

These free advice sessions are being organised by Huddersfield Social Media, a group of local volunteers who are committed to using all forms of media technology to connect people so that they can get things done for themselves in their neighbourhoods.

Huddersfield Social Media Surgery leaflet (pdf)


4 responses to “Social Media Surgery – 16th November 2009

  1. Hi there

    Noticed your event which is during Global Entrepreneurship Week 90 – if you register it at we can profile it as part of the programme for the week

  2. Hi there

    Noticed your event which is during Global Entrepreneurship Week 09 – if you register it at we can profile it as part of the programme for the week

  3. will make every attempt to make it on the 16th November. Tis good to hear about it.

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